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Club members Kristina Mucinskas and Stephen Paca are again leading the HalfWits group for the 2017 season. You can contact the HalfWits leaders via facebook by posting on the wall or sending a fb message, or sending an e-mail to

Updates are posted on the HalfWits facebook page and the HalfWits training site. Make sure you’re checking either of the following links regularly for the latest news on workouts, routes, and announcements:


The HalfWits is a training group led by SRRC volunteers to help you prepare for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon on Saturday, April 1st 2017. The group meets during the 12 weeks leading up to the half marathon. We welcome runners of all levels and provide two mileage schedules for both less experienced and more seasoned runners. We encourage all runners and walkers to show up for the runs, regardless of your goals, as running with this group is a great way to stay motivated during the winter months. You will get the most out of this half-marathon training if you are already running regularly—we strongly recommend that you are running at least 3 times a week for 3-5 miles each run before joining the group. You can follow the group’s weekly updates at the HalfWits training site or by liking the facebook page at

There is no charge to participate in the program, but it is intended for SRRC members, so make sure you join the club or renew your membership for 2017. Participating in the club’s training programs is just one of many membership benefits. (We’ll ask non-members to sign a waiver each time before they participate in a training run.)

When? Where?

Group runs will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:45pm in Washington Park starting January 10, 2017. Long runs on Saturdays will usually start and finish at Café Moxo; typical start time will be 8am, changing to slightly earlier near the end of the training schedule.BEGINNING ON SAT 03/04, THE LONG RUNS WILL START AT 7:30AM.


Because we love running; and we are the HalfWits because we’re only half-crazy!

Training Plans

You choose your plan based on what amount of mileage you are comfortable running each week. More experienced runners might choose to follow Schedule B, particularly those who recently ran a half-marathon or similar distance race, or ran the FrostBite Festival 10-mile race in December ’16.

ON YOUR OWN: We recommend that in addition to the attending the 3 HalfWits group runs each week, you do 2-3 days of easy runs or cross training (30-45 minutes of swimming, cycling, elliptical, strength training, yoga, etc.). Be careful not to cross train too intensely; how much effort you can expend on off days will vary from person to person–the key is if you are too tired or sore for any of the group runs, then decrease the intensity/duration of your cross training activities.

Schedule A

Week Tue Thu Sat
1: Jan 8 – 14 3 easy 3 5
2: Jan 15 – 21 3 hills 3 pace 6
3: Jan 22 – 28 3 hills 3 5
4: Jan 29 – Feb 04 3 hills 4 pace 7
5: Feb 05 – 11 4 easy 4 8
6: Feb 12 – 18 4 hills ♥ 4 pace 6
7: Feb 19 – 25 4 hills 5 9
8: Feb 26 – Mar 04 5 hills 5 pace 10
9: Mar 05 – 11 5 easy 5 8
10: Mar 12 – 18 5 hills 🍀 6 pace 11
11: Mar 19 – 25 6 hills 6 12
12: Mar 26 – Apr 01 3 easy 3 13.1

Schedule B

Week Tue Thu Sat
1: Jan 8 – 14 4 easy 5 pace 8
2: Jan 15 – 21 4 hills 5 pace 9
3: Jan 22 – 28 4 hills 5 pace 7
4: Jan 29 – Feb 04 4 hills 6 pace 10
5: Feb 05 – 11 5 easy  6 pace 11
6: Feb 12 – 18 5 hills ♥ 6 pace 9
7: Feb 19 – 25 5 hills 7 pace 12
8: Feb 26 – Mar 04 6 hills 7 pace 13
9: Mar 05 – 11 6 easy 7 pace 10
10: Mar 12 – 18 5 hills 🍀 8 pace 14
11: Mar 19 – 25 6 hills 8 pace 10
12: Mar 26 – Apr 01 5 easy 3 13.1

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the training group and what is the cost?
There is no registration or fee for joining the group. This training is intended for SRRC members, so make sure you join the club or renew your membership for 2017. It’s not a problem if you aren’t a member, but we’ll ask you to sign a waiver each time you participate in a group run.
What do I need for the Tue/Thu weeknight runs?
Plan to arrive before 5:45pm at the playground pavilion in Washington Park. We’ll provide water. Since most of our weeknight runs will be in the dark, make sure you wear high-visibility/reflective clothing and bring a headlamp and blinking light. Wear several layers of technical fabric clothing if it’s cold. Weeknight runs will typically be 3-6 miles, so we should be able to complete the workout before 7:30pm. (click the picture below for a detailed view of where we meet Tue/Thu 5:45pm)
Common loops in the park that we’ll use:

  • ↻ small loop (1.2mi):
  • ↻ big loop (2.0mi):
  • ↺ partial small loop, CCW warm up for hills (1.0mi):
What do I need for the Saturday long runs?
We’ll post the two routes by Friday. There will be a shorter and a longer route. Choose your distance and memorize or PRINT THE MAP & TURN-BY-TURN DIRECTIONS beforehand so you don’t get lost. There are no designated leaders for either distance–groups naturally form during the run, but it is up to you to know where you’re going. Plan to arrive at Cafe Moxo before the official start time of 7:30-8am. We will make a few brief announcements before taking a group picture and then promptly starting the run. There will be one or more water stops as noted on the maps. When on the open roads, please adhere to the RRCA safety rules. Join other runners for a post-run breakfast snack at Moxo!
What are the rules of the runs?
The HalfWits follow the RRCA guidelines for group runs. Some highlights of those rules:
  • use caution and obey traffic signals
  • run no more than two people abreast
  • when possible, run against traffic on the left side of the road
  • run on the sidewalk as traffic volume dictates
  • *no headphones* when running on open roads
  • please, no dogs
Will there be a practice run on the entire course?
Yes, in March the mileage of the long runs will be such that runners following Schedule B will run the full course on two separate weekends. Runners following Schedule A will run almost the entire course (12 miles)—and will get to tackle all the hills—for their longest weekend run. New for 2017: we plan to run the course backwards one of the weekends.
Do you ever cancel any group runs?
The HalfWits follow the RRCA guideline that if the wind chill is 5F or below, the run will be canceled. We may also cancel a run if conditions are too dangerous, such as a blizzard or icy roads. Cancellations will be posted as much as possible in advance.
I’m a new runner, can I train with the HalfWits?
YES! However, if you haven’t run at least a 10k race, we caution you about training for a half-marathon as your first race. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run with the HalfWits. We welcome runners of all abilities and speeds. Just know that our workouts are designed for people training to complete a half marathon–if the workouts or mileage ever get to be too much for you, you can always cut any run short.
Do you have any other questions?
Contact us if you have a question about anything not covered on this page.