Wednesday 9/20/17 5:45@SHG

This Wednesday we will run 16 continuous 200’s alternating between your 5k effort and then a very slow jog.

Workout goes like this:

2- lap warm-up
4-100 meter strides
16- continuous 200’s alternating fast and slow
4-100 meter strides
2-lap cool down or Feldkamp Mile

Please bring water!!
See you Wednesday evening.

Wednesday September 6th 5:45 @ SHG

Jack will be in charge this week!!
Thank you so much, Jack😊

Wednesday August 30th 5:45@SHG

This week we’ll keep it simple,
8 times 400 meters with 200 meters
rest between each. Run at your current 5k pace.

We will do our usual 2 lap warm up along with 4-100 meter strides.
Regular cool down consisting of 4 more 100 meter strides and 2 laps or the Feldkamp Mile.
Please bring water!

Wednesday August 23rd 5:45 @ SHG

Hello everyone,

Forgive me if I’m running late on Wednesdays from now on because I will be coming directly from cross country practice with the team.
Just start the two lap warm -up and 4-100 meter strides if I’m not there right at 5:45 🙂

Warm-up…2-laps followed by
4-100 meter strides.

Workout…6x’s 600 meters with an acceleration the last 200 meters. I’ll explain at practice.

Cool down…4x’s 100 meter strides
followed by the Feldkamp Mile or 2- laps!!
Please bring your own water:-)
See you Wednesday evening!!

Wednesday August 16th 5:45@SHG

This week before Abe’s I wanted to get others opinions on the workout so thank you Tracy and Trae!!

Warm up- as usual 2 laps
4-times 100 meter right-angle skips (I’ve been doing these with my XC kids after a reminder from Coach Garcia)

Workout- 1 x 800 meters at your goal 10K race pace for Abe’s. Then
6 x’s 200 meters at your 5K pace. 200 meter recoveries for all efforts.

Cool-down- 4 x’s 100 meter strides this time followed by 2-laps or the Feldkamp Mile.
See you Wednesday evening and bring water!!

Wednesday August 9th

NO SPEED Workout


Check the FB post!!!

Wednesday August 2nd 5:45 @ SHG

This week we still meet at the track but NEXT WEEK will be Jack’s annual KID’S RUN at 6:00p.m.
IT’S FREE and Jack has all the information on FB.

Our warm up:
2- laps followed by 4 times 100 meter strides

Descending ladder
1-1200 meter (3-laps)
2- 800’s
2- 400’s
2- 200’s

Cool down:
4-100 meter strides
2-laps or the Feldkamp Mile
See you Wednesday and please bring water!

Wednesday July 26th 5:45@ SHG

Here’s the plan:

Warm-up: 2 laps followed by 4 times !00 meter strides

Workout: 8 times 400 meters with 200 meter rest between efforts
run at your current 5K pace…take a 400 meter rest if you
are jogging your recovery

Cool-down: 4 times 100 meter strides followed by 2 laps or Feldkamp

PLEASE bring your own water!!

See you Wednesday evening,

Wednesday July 19th 5:45 @ SHG

Hello Speedsters,

Here’s the workout:

Warm -up: 2 laps followed by
4-100 meter strides

Workout: 1000/200 alternating
3 times with 200 meter
rest between efforts

Cool-down: 4-100 meter strides
2-laps or the Feldkamp

Wednesday July12th SHG @ 5:45p.m.

Hello everyone,

Straights and Curves Workout

Warm-up: 2 laps followed by (4)
100 meter strides

Workout: Jog (slowly) the curves and then run the straights (a little slower than you run your strides) concentrating on form and relaxation. Do this continuously for 8 laps.

Cool down: (4) more 100 meter strides and your choice of 2 laps or the Feldkamp Mile.

Bring your own water and I’ll see you Wednesday evening:-)