Wednesday April 26th

Weather permitting we will meet at the pavilion at 5:45p.m.

The warm up will be running to the Blvd. together.

Once there we will do 6 repeats of the straightaways on the Blvd. (approx 400 meters)and walk the sidewalk for a short recovery to the other straightaway.

After 6 repeats, the cool down will be running back to the pavilion.

I hope we can get our workout in tomorrow…however I did do this workout today because the forecast didn’t look promising:-)


Speed Work 2017 Begins

Wednesday April 19th-5:45 P.M.

Hello Everyone!!

Speed work begins next Wednesday April 19th at 5:45 P.M.
at Washington Park Playground Pavilion.
Remember, we always start out at the pavilion for a few weeks until high school track ends.

We will warm up by running to the 1 mile mark on the Women’s Distance Festival route. Then we will do 4 repeats of half miles up the hill, past the 5Q mark around the corner and ending at the 6Q mark all on the WDF route. For a cool down we will return to the pavilion.
If you want to be faster this year, don’t try to get mileage in on speed night. Concentrate on running fast and give yourself a day off of mileage. Just a friendly suggestion:-)
If you need water remember to bring your own!!
See you on Wednesday evening…


Since there was only 4 of us at speedwork tonight next week will be our last session for 2016.

We will do our usual warm up and cool down and the workout will be a short ladder.

100 meter rest between efforts.

Wednesday October 12th

Hello remaining speedwork troopers!!
Our workout this week is 4 repeats
of 1000 meters (2 and 1/2) laps @ 10K pace with 200 meter rest.
We will start with 1/2 mile warm up and end with a mile cool down.
See you Wednesday evening!!

Wednesday October 5th

Hello everybody, we are winding down on our Wednesday speedwork night. We will see Wednesday how many more weeks in October you want to continue.
This week’s workout will be 16 200’s alternating between faster and slower repeats.
Do the first one easy the second one at 5k race pace and continue the pattern. Try not to stop but of course if you need a drink or must stop do. We will do our regular two lap warm up and your choice of a two lap cool down or the Feldkamp Mile.
See you Wednesday evening!!

Wednesday September 28th

This week’s workout is a request from our friend Venu. Although, not a true speed workout, it will help those of you who are doing 1/2 marathons and marathons this fall.
The workout is as follows:
Mile- 4 laps
1200- 3 laps
800 – 2 laps
800 – 2 laps
1200- 3 laps
1600- 4 laps
That’s a big workout… Feel free to cut it in half
I will be doing a 1 lap warm up and a 1 lap cool down with the mileage already high. If my math is right that would be a total of 5 miles.
See you Wednesday evening!!

Wednesday September 21st

Hello and sorry for the late post for those of you who plan ahead.

I’d like to selfishly do some shorter repeats this week to help prepare for a Sunday competition I have, perks of this high paying job!!
Let’s do 3 sets of (3) 300’s for a total of nine. Take a shorter rest this week, 100 meter walk and run them at a comfortably fast pace. Try to work on form more than speed this week.
As always we will do our 2 lap warm up and your choice of a 2 lap cool down or the Feldkamp Mile!!
Bring tons of water!!!!

Wednesday September 14th

Hello everyone,

This week after our 2 lap warm up we will do 3 sets of 800/400.

Run 800 meters (2 laps) then rest 2 mins. and run 400 meters (1 lap) and rest 2 mins. That’s one set so repeat that two more times. Run these repeats at your current 5K pace. When finished you can do a 2 lap cool down or run the Feldkamp Mile. Bring your own water and I’ll see you Wednesday evening!

Wednesday September 7th

Speed work Wednesday evening will be 6 times 600 meters.

After our 2 lap warm up let’s run the repeat 600’s @ your 5k pace for the first 400m and then accelerate your last 200m to faster than your 5k pace.

When the workout is finished you may choose a 2 lap cool down or run the Feldkamp Mile.
See you Wednesday evening and please bring your own water!


Wednesday August 31st

After our 2-lap warmup the workout will be 8 times 400 meters with 2 minute rest or 200 meter rest if you are not wearing a watch. Run these repeats a bit faster than your average 5k pace. When finished you can run a 2-lap cool down or the Feldkamp Mile. Bring your own water please!!
See you Wednesday evening!!