FrostToes 2016

Hey Everyone!

We are getting ready to kick off the FrostToes training program for the FrostBite Festival 10 mile race.

We will meet at the playground pavilion at Washington Park at 5:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursday beginning Tuesday, Oct 4th. The Saturday runs will be spaced out around town, so we get to see some of the sites!

Be sure to look us up on Facebook at the SRRC Frost Toes Training Group @SRRCFrostToes for our most up to date information!


Nick and Matt

Hey FrostToes.

With a predicted feels-like temp of 3 degrees at 6:00 PM, we are going to cancel the group run for tonight. As much as I hate them, I would recommend a date with the treadmill. If you decide to venture outside on your own, please be careful and stay warm. Run smart, and know where you can find shelter if you need to warm up.

See you all Wednesday.


FrostToes Monday 11/17

Hi FrostToes!

Currently, it’s looking like we will be outside of the RRCA’s guidelines for safe running conditions for tonight’s run. We will reevaluate later this afternoon, but we will probably have to cancel for tonight. Check back here for an update this afternoon.

The plan for the rest of the week is for a little bit of hill work Wednesday night at Washington Park, and then our final long run before the race at the Lost Bridge Trail on Saturday. This is the bike trail that starts behind the IDOT building on Dirksen Parkway.

Stay Warm!

Week of 11/3

Morning FrostToes! Here is the plan for the week:
Monday and Wednesday 6 PM at Washington Park for easy miles – We will take it easy during the week to prepare for the infamous OCTO Saturday Morning.


Wednesday 10/22 – Washington Park

Hi FrostToes! Let’s plan on three miles tonight, at 6:00. We’ll venture out of the park again tonight, down to Ash St., to try and keep things fresh. Then we’ll follow that up with a loop around the park, which should give you a little over three miles total.

This should be an easy run, and then we will ramp the mileage up this weekend.

See you at the park!


Monday 10/20/2014 – Washinton Park

Happy Monday FrostToes! Hope to see everyone tonight at Washington Park Pavilion at 6:00 for a couple laps around the park. Start your week off right with some nice conversation-pace mileage!

Wednesday 10/15 FrostToes Group Run

Good morning FrostToes!

The majority of you know that Frostbite is one of the most hilly races in central IL. With that in mind, tonight will be the first of many FrostToes hill work nights. We’ll meet at the Washington Park Pavilion at 6:00, then proceed with the a short easy warm up through the park, down to the base of the Carillon hill. We will run East from the Pavilion, and turn left on the road at the four way intersection(Park st) , before you get to the Gazebo. Then go down the big hill and turn left again, back towards the lagoon. Stop at the stop sign down by the parking lot.

From there, you will run up the hill to the last lamp post on your right, before you get to Fayette Street. This should be a quarter mile. Turn around and come back down slowly. We will repeat that at least twice, possibly more for advanced runners. Finish up will be an easy cool down, back the way we went for the warm up.

I would recommend flashing lights and/or reflective gear for those of you who have it. It is going to continue getting darker when we finish, so safety first.

Finally, anyone who is racing this weekend, my recommendation for you is to run the warm up and the cool down, and skip the hills.

See you out there.


Group Run on Thursday 12/26 6pm at Washington Park

Hey FrostToes/HalfWits,

There is going to be a group meeting at Washington Park tomorrow at 6:00 pm. Come join us for as few or as many casual miles as you’d like. Consider it a reunion for the FrostToes, and an early introduction for those new with the HalfWits programs.


Saturday November 23 – Octo!

Saturday is Octo (Nelson Center at 8, 5 Miles 8 large hills)
Monday post workout Westwoods if any interest to hang out

Saturday, November 16 – Run the Course!

Time to run the Frostbite 10M Course!! See everyone Saturday at 8 at Fit Club West for a ‘practice run.’ Fit Club has requested we park on the neighborhood streets around Fit Club and they will also allow us to use their restrooms. Forecast shows warmer temps but it will be quite windy!! And good luck to those of you doing the Jingle Bell or Abe’s Trail Trek tomorrow!