What is the HalfWits Program?

The HalfWits is a 12-week training program run by SRRC volunteers to help you prepare for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon. We welcome runners of all levels and provide schedules for both beginning and more experienced runners. We look forward to working with our fellow SRRC members and meeting new running friends. It’s a great way to start the running season, so please join us!

Club members Kristina Mucinskas and Stephen Paca will lead the HalfWits program for the 2014 season. Group runs will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm in Washington Park starting January 14, 2014. Long runs on Saturdays will usually start and finish at Cafe Moxo; typical start time will be 8am, changing to slightly earlier once the weather warms up and Daylight Savings Time kicks in.

There is no charge to participate in the program, but it is intended for SRRC members, so make sure you join the club or renew your membership for 2014. Participating in the club’s training programs is just one of many membership benefits. (We’ll ask non-members to sign a waiver before they participate in a training run.)

We encourage all runners to show up for the runs, regardless of your goals, as running with this group is a great way to stay motivated during the winter months. You can follow the group’s weekly updates at the HalfWits training site¬†or by liking the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SRRCHalfWits

You can contact the HalfWits leaders via facebook by posting on the wall or sending a fb message, or sending an e-mail to srrchalfwits@gmail.com

For more details on the plan including cross-training recommendations, view this spreadsheet.

Training Plans


Week Tue Thu Sat
1: Jan 12 – 18 3 3 5
2: Jan 19 – 25 3 3 6
3: Jan 26 – Feb 01 3 3 5
4: Feb 02 – 08 4 3 7
5: Feb 09 – 15 4 4 8
6: Feb 16 – 22 3 4 6
7: Feb 23 – Mar 01 5 4 9
8: Mar 02 – Mar 08 5 5 10
9: Mar 09 – Mar 15 6 5 8
10: Mar 16 – Mar 22 5 5 11
11: Mar 23 – Mar 29 6 5 12
12: Mar 30 – Apr 05 3 3 13.1


Week Tue Thu Sat
1: Jan 12 – 18 4 5 8
2: Jan 19 – 25 4 5 9
3: Jan 26 – Feb 01 5 5 7
4: Feb 02 – 08 5 6 10
5: Feb 09 – 15 5 6 11
6: Feb 16 – 22 5 6 9
7: Feb 23 – Mar 01 5 7 12
8: Mar 02 – Mar 08 5 7 13
9: Mar 09 – Mar 15 6 7 10
10: Mar 16 – Mar 22 5 8 14
11: Mar 23 – Mar 29 6 8 10
12: Mar 30 – Apr 05 5 3 13.1


2014 Half Wits Kicks Off!

Some of you have been asking about the 2014 HalfWits schedule so that you can begin planning your training. Here’s a link to the programs. We may make some minor changes before the training starts, but this will give you a good idea of what to look forward to:


The schedules include recommended mileage for beginner and advanced runners. If the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon will be your first half-marathon, then you should follow the beginner program.

If you’ve run a half-marathon before, or have recently completed the Frostbite 10-miler, then you could follow the advanced program. If you think the mileage in the advanced program is too much for you, you can always follow the mileage in the beginner program or do something in between.

Weeknight group runs will be at Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm in Washington Park, meet at the pavilion by the playground. The long weekend group run will generally start at 8am at Cafe Moxo in downtown Springfield.

Saturday November 23 – Octo!

Saturday is Octo (Nelson Center at 8, 5 Miles 8 large hills)
Monday post workout Westwoods if any interest to hang out

Saturday, November 16 – Run the Course!

Time to run the Frostbite 10M Course!! See everyone Saturday at 8 at Fit Club West for a ‘practice run.’ Fit Club has requested we park on the neighborhood streets around Fit Club and they will also allow us to use their restrooms. Forecast shows warmer temps but it will be quite windy!! And good luck to those of you doing the Jingle Bell or Abe’s Trail Trek tomorrow!

Saturday, November 9 Route


Here is the route for Saturday, plan is 2 loops for 8 total miles but it will be easy to cut the route shorter as needed. Weather looks good to let’s get a big crowd!! See everyone at 8 at the Washington Park Pavilion.

Saturday, November 2 Run – 5 miles of hills!!!

Good morning Frosttoes!! We will be running the famous challenging OCTO tomorrow! Meet at Nelson Center at 8 for a 5 mile hill workout that will challenge even the best of us! Then relax and join the club for an evening social/5k at Brickhouse West at 6!! See everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, October 26 Run – We are running the Frostbite course!

Time to attack the infamous and legendary Frostbite Course!! We will meet Saturday at 8 at LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL (not Fit Club) west side parking lot, a course will be set up for 4 – 7 miles. Water will be set out at mile 2 (first turnout). Time to go see what we are up against!! Route will be posted later but it is an easy out and back course, no restrooms at the high school so plan accordingly.

Saturday, October 19 Run

For those of us not doing a race this weekend, why not join the Frosttoes Saturday at 8 at Washington Park Pavilion for a great 4 mile route with extra miles if needed! Check out the route below as we are mixing it up to avoid ‘the usual loops!’


Monday, October 14 – Frosttoes Training Run

See everyone tonight for easy miles at 6 at the Washington Park Pavilion! Planning on doing the Springfield races (full, half or 10k) this weekend, these will be perfect ‘taper’ miles, come enjoy the nice weather!

Frosttoes Long Run – Saturday, October 12

Hey Frosttoes! Below is the route for Saturday, 8:01 SHARP at Washington Park Pavilion, the route is basically the park loop with a bit extra. Most of you have already done this on the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon (only backward!). I expect to see another large crowd as the group is GROWING!!