Abe’s Army

Registration for 2015 Abe’s Army is closed.

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Abe’s Army welcomes runners, walkers and race walkers of all abilities.

Abe’s is a 12-week program designed to train new runners and walkers to complete Abe’s Amble – Springfield’s premier 10K road race, held on the final day of the Illinois State Fair.

Abe’s Army also has a race walking group.  Olympic-style race walking is a highly aerobic but low-impact form of exercise.  Members of this group will learn the race walking technique, which enables people to walk efficiently within the confines of the Olympic rules for race walking.  Most of our race walkers are either former runners whose joints have trouble with the stress of running or pedestrian walkers who want a more vigorous exercise but don’t enjoy running.  The members of the group will incorporate the race walking technique as they build up their endurance to complete the Abe’s Amble 10K along with the other runners and walkers in Abe’s Army.”

Abe’s Army participants are divided into groups of 10-12 based on similar fitness levels and led by two or more leaders per group.  Abe’s is a rewarding program and provides not only the novice runners and walkers opportunities to learn and become active, but it also provides the leaders an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

All Abe’s Army participants are members of the Springfield Road Runner Club (SRRC).  Benefits include discounts on SRRC races, a monthly newsletter, membership to Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and eligibility for the SRRC point series.  All SRRC memberships expire December 31st. Questions regarding membership, email SRRCMembership@gmail.com.

Groups. Our goal is to place you in a group that is suited to your pace and abilities.  The goal of each group is to train at a specific pace, so moving up or down according to your abilities helps make you a more successful participant and less likely to become injured or frustrated.

It is not uncommon for participants to switch to another group during the first few weeks of Abe’s Army.  If you find the pace is too easy or too difficult, talk to your group leaders.  They will either introduce you to another group or introduce you to the Director for placement.  It is a simple process taking about two minutes to relocate a person to another group.  Talk to your leader or director.  Don’t be frustrated.  Let’s find a group that meets your needs.

Abe’s Army group leaders will guide you and give you advice throughout the 12-week training program.

Physician Approval. Please consult your family physician before undertaking any new fitness program.

Parental/Guardian Consent. Children under the age of 16 are welcome; however, they must be under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian and will be assigned to the same group.

Weather Cancellation Policy. We will train if it is hot, rainy or cold.  But under severe weather conditions, the Club has initiated an automatic weather cancellation policy.

Based on research, physician advice, and the Road Runners Club of America guidelines, we have assembled the Abe’s Army weather guidelines for our training program.  The safety of every recruit and leader is a top concern for the Abe’s facilitators; therefore, the policy will be enforced.  The 2015 Abe’s Army run/walk season will adhere to the automatic weather related cancellation policy.

Automatic Cancellation Conditions

  • Heat is above 98.6 degrees (RRCA guidelines)
  • Heat Index advisory has been broadcasted by the National Weather Advisory and advised that the individuals in the Springfield area remain inside or limit outside activities until heat advisory is lifted later in the evening (after our 5:45 p.m. start time).
  • Humidity above 80%
  • Lightning
  • Other Weather Warning (Tornado, Storm, Flooding)
  • In the event that the automatic weather cancellation policy is invoked for a Monday night training session, neither water nor leaders will be available that evening to Abe’s Army participants.